Surgical Smoke Evacuation Pencil

Surgical Smoke Evacuation Pencil

IIA-D605 is an interchangeable electrode type in our Smoking Evacuation Pencils.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

According to the international trend, Smoking Evacuation System become more popular in the operation room. And various of Smoke Evacuation Pencils can help patients and surgeons to keep air clean. IIA-D605 is an interchangeable electrode type in our Smoking Evacuation Pencils. 

Product Parameter

Product type




Smoke Evacuation Pencil,

Grey coated,

Non-stick electrode tip,

3m cable, 2.6m spiral tube,

Button control, EO sterilization

1pc per peel pouch,

10pcs per inner box,

50pcs per case,




1. IIA-D605 can change its smoke electrodes with different lengths to meet various depth of surgical surgeries.

2. Work with most of common Generator,

3. Tip Cleaner, Coated Tip, Longer Smoke Evacuation Tubing, Longer Cable and so on are available additional options.

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