ESU Generator

ESU Generator

ESU generator

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Product Details

1.Shuyou’s Electro Surgical Generator (SHUYOU DX )  has a trusted performance and quality have always been values associated with Shuyou products . The ease of use is at the heart of our products; we want to ensure our products are intuitive to use. 

2. Product Features

●Foot Switches/ Pedals : Explosion Proof (Fire Resistance) and Water Proof Foot Pedals.

●Time out Function (optional): Automatically stops the HF output if prolong unintended activation. Surgical Applications : Useful for wide range of surgical application as : Plastic, Neuro, ENT, Spine, Opthal, Laparo Surgery, Endo, GI, Ortho, Open & General Surgery, Onco, Gynecology, Hernia, GI Endocut, Papillotomy, Polypectomy, Under Water, Urology, Gynec TCRE, Hysteroscopy, Thoracotomy, Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery. Unit is suitable for all kind of Open, Endoscopic, Laparoscopic and Minimally invasive surgery.

Electro Surgical Generator (SHUYOU DX) 

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