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Application and control device of high voltage motor
- Feb 02, 2018 -

High-voltage motor refers to the rated voltage of more than 1000V motor. Often used is 6000V and 10000V voltage, due to the different power grids abroad, there are 3300V and 6600V voltage levels.

High-voltage motor production is due to the motor power and voltage and the product of the current is proportional, so the low-voltage motor power to a certain degree (such as 300kw/380v) current by the conductor's allowable ability to withstand the restrictions will not be large, or expensive. High power output needs to be achieved by increasing voltage. High-voltage motor has the advantages of large power, strong impact capacity, the disadvantage is that the inertia of large, start-up and braking are difficult. High-voltage motors can be used to drive a variety of different machines. such as compressors, pumps, crushers, cutting machine tools, transport machinery and other equipment for the mining, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, generators and other industries for the original motive.

The motors used to drive blowers, mills, rolling mills and hoists shall be marked with the use and technical requirements in order to ensure reliable operation by special design. There are complex and simple, prices vary greatly. Because of high voltage and large current impact, the motor manufacturing must meet the requirements of overvoltage, and the insulation grade is higher.

According to the actual and fixed way: The motor capacity is large in power supply capacity and below 1000KW can be directly activated, when the impact current is rated 3-6 times. In order to prevent the impact of the current too large, for large motors must consider reducing the starting current of the starting mode: A series of reactance start, frequency conversion start, hydraulic coupler start-up, and many other ways.

High-voltage motor maintenance tips: When the motor vibration is larger than peacetime, should use vibration table along the horizontal and vertical direction of measurement of the vibration values, and make corresponding records. Listen to the internal sound of motor stator cavity and the sound of bearing rotation, check the foot, if there is no obvious abnormal phenomenon, then take off the drive machinery, separate idling motor, to determine whether the motor itself vibration or drag machinery caused by vibration. In the production will find that after the motor repair for a variety of reasons for the three-phase winding magnetic potential asymmetry, the motor in no-load or low load, the performance of the vibration is not very obvious, and once the load of the belt increased, the motor vibration is gradually intensified.

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