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High-voltage motor repair before dismantling the motor what should be prepared
- Feb 02, 2018 -

High-voltage motor maintenance before the opening of the motor should be done before the view and experiment have the following points:

(1) before taking apart, to use compressed air to clean the exterior dust of the motor, and the appearance of dirt scrub clean.

(2) Select the operating address of the motor crash and organize the site environment.

(3) To understand the characteristics of electrical construction and maintenance skills requirements.

(4) Be prepared to crash what is required (including special items) and equipment.

(5) In order to further understand the shortcomings of the motor operation, when conditions can be opened before opening a view experiment. To this end, the motor with the load test turn, detailed view of the motor parts of the temperature, sound, oscillation and other conditions, and test voltage, current, speed, and so on, and then disconnect the load, do a no-load view of the experiment, measured no-load current and no-load loss, good records.

(6) Interception of power supply, removal of motor external wiring, good records.

(7) Select the appropriate voltage of the trillion-European meter test motor insulation resistance. In order to determine the electrical insulation change trend and insulation status, the insulation resistance value measured at different temperature should be converted to the same temperature to 75 ℃.

(8) test absorption ratio K. When the absorption ratio is greater than 1.33, indicating that the motor insulation has not been damp or damp degree is not serious. In order to compare with the previous data, the same need to be measured at any temperature of the absorption ratio to the same temperature.

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