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Motor maintenance can save cost and improve motor utilization rate
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Because of the continuous use of motor for a long time, coupled with improper operation of the user, will often occur motor failure, motor maintenance should be the professional staff responsible for the protection of motor running well. Motor maintenance can save cost and improve motor utilization. The following describes the motor repair methods:

The first observation of the motor running when the carbon brush and the commutator between the spark and the degree of spark.

(1). Just 2~4 a tiny spark. If the commutator surface is flat. In most cases there is no need to repair;

(2). There is no spark. No repairs required;

(3). There are more than 4 minimum sparks, and there are 1~3 a large spark, you do not have to remove the armature, just use sandpaper grinding carbon brush commutator;

(4). If there are more than 4 large fire flowers, you need to grind the commutator with sandpaper, and the carbon brush and armature must be removed. Carbon brushes for carbon brushes.

Repair of the second commutator:

(1). The surface of the commutator is obviously uneven (with hand tactile) or when the motor is running as the fourth. At this time need to remove the armature, with precision machine tool processing converter.

(2). The commutator is basically flat, but there are minimal scars or sparks, such as the second case L Mouth 1 with the use of water sandpaper manual grinding without dismantling the armature in the case of grinding. The order of grinding is: first according to the external arc of the commutator, processing a wooden tool, to cut several different thickness of water sandpaper as wide as the commutator, remove the carbon brush (please note that the removal of the carbon brush on the handle and the carbon brush groove on the mark to ensure that the installation will not be left and right) wrapped in sandpaper wooden tools to paste the real commutator, Use the other hand to rotate the direction of the motor, gently rotate the axis commutator grinding. Electrical maintenance of the use of sandpaper thickness of the first coarse after fine when a piece of sandpaper blind can not use, and then change to another fine sandpaper, until the use of the most fine water sandpaper (or metallographic sandpaper).

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