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The method of motor spark big fault
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1, part of the brush is stuck in the brush grip or armature wear too much, contact with the commutator, check whether the brush in the brush grip free up and down, each piece of brush and commutator whether the contact is good, if necessary, can also use clamp ammeter to check the current balance of the brush lead, allow deviation of 10%.

2, the brush pressure is too large or too small, with spring measurement added to the brush on the big pressure, adjust adjustment.

3, the commutator surface rough or serious burns, observe the commutator surface finish, if necessary, can first find out the reason, and then in the lathe car park.

4, commutator on both sides of the Burr, check the commutator on both sides of the burr and eliminate.

5, the relative position of the two brush turntable does not meet the requirements (there may be two cases, the motor no-load speed-current curve does not meet the requirements, along the direction of motor rotation to move a turntable, there are larger sparks. According to two kinds of conditions, the no-load current-speed curve of the motor is checked; When the load is released from the drive shaft of the fastening nut, and pull out the new or speed mechanism on the differential gear or the old speed mechanism on the clutch, the handwheel to the "fast" or "slow" direction of the move 1-2 teeth, and then observe the electrical spark has no improvement.

6, Mica film High out of the photo. To observe whether the Mica film is high out, the higher out on the groove treatment.

7, there is a piece or a few pieces of reversing film protruding, at this time did not protrude a piece of reversing film, there is a P-diagonal reversing plate burns (p for the value of the pole) cut off the primary power in the motor before the stop, with the hands of the brush on the inside and outside, check the brush has no beat, there is a beat fastening commutator fixed bolts, and then the car light rectifier.

8, the surface eccentricity of the commutator, with dial check commutator surface eccentricity (more than 0.05mm), there will be the car light rectifier.

9. The mica groove of the commutator has brush powder or metal chip adhesion to remove the fouling in the mica groove.

10, brush quality does not meet the requirements. Check the electrical brush number, replacement of the required electrical brush number.

11, brush and brush the braid line off or severe oxidation, check the brush braid, remove or oxidation to exchange.

12, adjust winding and commutator between the vertical plate, remove the commutator after the end plate (or pull up all the brush on the commutator) and the rated voltage to the primary winding, with 0-5v alternating voltage meter block measurement two adjacent (or a piece) of the reversing chip voltage.

13, motor overload, check the motor secondary current (that is, brush current) current too large to reduce load.

14, brush plate on the brush rod distribution is uneven, remove the brush turntable, check whether the brush bar straight.

15, part of the brush rod serious bending, according to the side of the reversing plate, check the brush sticks straight.

16, brush rod and connection or brush rod and braid contact between the bad, check the brush rod connecting line, rod and Braid line contact.

17. The acid-alkali gas in the air destroys the oxidation film of the commutator, measures the acid-alkali content in the air and, if necessary, use duct ventilation.

18, the motor vibration too large, correction rotor dynamic balance.

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