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The technique of reducing the heat of permanent magnet motor
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Reduce the heat, is to reduce copper loss and iron loss. Reduce copper loss in two directions, reduce resistance and current, which requires the selection of small resistance and low rated current of the motor, the permanent magnet motor, can be used in tandem motor without parallel motor. But this often contradicts the demands of torque and speed. For the selected motor, you should make full use of the drive's automatic half-flow control function and off-line function, the former permanent magnet motor in the static automatically reduce the current, the latter simply cut the current.

In addition, the subdivision driver due to the current waveform close to the sine, less harmonic, permanent magnet motor fever will be less. Reduce the iron loss of the method is not much, the voltage level related to the high voltage-driven motor, although it will bring high speed characteristics of the upgrade, but also bring the increase in fever. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate driving voltage level, taking into account the high speed, smoothness and heat, noise and other indicators.

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