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The treatment method of common faults of motor
- Feb 02, 2018 -

How to deal with the failure of motor speed control:

1. The front cover of the remote control is a "overload skid nut" on the side of the hand wheel, which is too loose with a socket wrench to tighten the "overload slip nut" properly.

2, brush turntable and end cover between the tie too tight, remove rust, and add a small amount of lubricating oil.

3, limit the position of the iron location of the wrong, according to no-load speed reassemble limit iron.

4, Trip switch failure, check the movement of the trip switch.

5, the control line is faulty, check the control line.

Low fault handling method of motor winding insulation

1, winding insulation aging or damage, check if there is no insulation damage.

2, conductive part of the product has a large number of dust, using air compressors to clean the interior of the motor after the dust, and then do the determination,

3, insulation damp, drying after the determination.

4, conductive parts (such as collector ring, brush rod, wiring board, etc.) insulation damage or surface temperature, the conductive part of the insulation check respectively.

5, the commutator side of the brush braid or turntable on the support line touch plate, check the brush braid or stent connector to touch the turntable.

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