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Treatment method of short circuit of high voltage motor
- Feb 02, 2018 -

As a result of excessive flow of motor, power supply voltage changes too large, mechanical impact, manufacturing, etc. caused by insulation damage and lead to short-circuit, which winding short circuit is divided into short-circuit, around the resistance between the short circuit, between the turn of the short-circuit and around the resistance between the short circuit four.

Because of the long load overload of high voltage motor, cause insulation aging loss of insulation effect, the resistance in the case of damp insulation will also cause insulation loss; insulation material between the end of the motor is not cushioned or the plastic is damaged; friction between the ends of the rotor and stator can also cause insulation damage. , metal foreign bodies inadvertently fall into the motor or excessive oil and other phenomena are very likely to lead to short-circuit.

If you find a short-circuit, then you have to take action as soon as possible. For the short-circuit point at the end of the situation, you can take the use of insulating materials to separate the short-circuit point, or to wrap the insulation line, and then on the paint drying. If it is short circuit slot in the case, you must first soften it, find out the short-circuit point repair, and then put into the line groove in the paint drying. For a short route gate less than 1/12 per phase resistor, the serial number of turns must be completely cut off all the short routes, and the conduction part of the connection, and then the new city closed circuit, in order to supply emergency use. Of course, around the resistance short-circuit point turns more than 1/12 time, must be completely removed and rewound.

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