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Is Discarded Anatomic Knife A Damaging Medical Waste
- Aug 05, 2018 -

The scalpel is the most commonly used apparatus for anatomical operation. When dissecting, the blade is used to cut the skin and cut the muscle. The tool tip is used to clean the blood vessels and nerves, and the handle is used for blunt separation. The position of the knife is different, such as the size and position of the incision, such as the finger pressure type (also called the organ or the bow type), the grasping type (or the catch type), the writing style and the reverse type (extrovert writing style). Now the question is coming. Is the disused scalpel a harmful medical waste?

Hazardous waste refers to an obsolete medical sharp instrument that can stab or cut the body. They include: medical needles, suture needles, disused scalpel, scalpel, skin knife, surgical saw and so on.

In recent years, governments at all levels, competent departments of the medical profession and relevant units have attached great importance to the treatment of medical waste, and have done a lot of work to this end. In spite of this, from the present situation, for a variety of reasons, the vast majority of medical units do not deal with the treatment of medical waste. Some of them are equipped with incineration equipment, but they are incineration because of the unsatisfactory equipment, imperfect management methods, unaccountable management personnel, or the unreasonable selection of the site. The medical waste has not reached the desired effect and produces some pollution. Some of them are mixed with living garbage and are transported to the urban garbage dumps for sanitary landfill. More people will waste medical waste at random, landfill, littering and disorderly discharge, causing pollution to the environment and causing great harm to people's physical and mental health. In some areas, due to improper disposal of medical waste, pollution of the environment, the people frequently petitions, complaints of incidents continue to occur.

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