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Is The Disused Scalpel Medical Waste
- Nov 11, 2018 -

The scalpel is the most useful instrument for dissecting operations. When dissected, the blade is used to cut the skin and muscle, the tip is used to clean blood vessels and nerves, and the handle is used for blunt separation. Depending on the size and position of the incision, the posture of the holding knife can be divided into finger-pressing (also called duqin or bow), grasping (or hide-and-seek), pen-holding and reverse pen-holding (outward pen-holding). Now the question is, is the disused scalpel medical waste?

Injury waste refers to the discarded medical sharp instrument that can stab or cut the human body. Includes: medical needle, suture needle, disused scalpel, scalpel, spare leather knife, surgical saw, etc.

In recent years, governments at all levels, competent departments of the medical industry and relevant units have attached great importance to the treatment of medical waste and have done a lot of work for it. However, as things stand, due to various reasons, most of the medical treatment unit for the treatment of medical waste is not enough specification, although some equipped with burning equipment, but as a result of the selected equipment is not ideal, imperfect management means and management personnel, irresponsible or location is unreasonable and so on reasons, causes the incineration of medical waste did not achieve the desired effect, and generate a certain amount of pollution; Some are mixed with household waste and transported to city dump sites for sanitary landfill. What's more, some people even randomly pile up, fill in, throw away or put away medical waste, causing pollution to the environment and causing great harm to people's physical and mental health. In some areas, due to improper disposal of medical waste, the environment has been polluted.

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