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Motor Can Be Divided By Use
- Feb 02, 2018 -

According to the use can be divided: driving power consumption motivation and control power motives.

1 drive motor can be divided: power tools (including drilling, polishing, grinding, slotting, cutting, reaming and other tools) electric motives, home appliances (including washing machines, electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, recorders, VCRs, DVD players, vacuum cleaners, cameras, hair dryers, Electric shaver, etc.) motor and other general-purpose small machinery equipment (including a variety of small machine tools, small machinery, medical equipment, electronic equipment, etc.) electric power.

2 control motor is divided into: stepper motor and servo motor.

5. According to the structure of the rotor can be divided: cage-type Induction motor (the old standard known as squirrel-cage asynchronous motor) and winding rotor induction motor (the old standard known as winding asynchronous motor).

6. According to the operating speed can be divided: high speed motor, low-speed motor, constant speed motor, speed control motor. Low-speed motor is divided into gear reducer motor, electromagnetic deceleration motor, torque motor and claw pole synchronous motor.

Variable speed motor can be divided into a class constant speed motor, stepless constant speed motor, variable speed motor and stepless variable speed motor, but also can be divided into electromagnetic speed control motor, DC speed regulating motor, PWM variable frequency speed regulating motor and switched reluctance speed motor.

The rotor speed of an asynchronous motor is always slightly lower than that of the rotating magnetic field.

The rotor speed of the synchronous motor is independent of the load size and is always kept at synchronous speed.

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