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Protection Of Electric Electromechanical Brushes
- Feb 02, 2018 -

(1) The electric brush used by the whole motor must be the same batch product, otherwise the electric brush of the whole machine should be changed.   (2) Often check the brush grip pressure to ensure that the brush pressure to the appropriate scale, pressure small. (3) For those in the/death angle of 0 status of the brush, you can tighten the screw brush rack, twist brush frame so that the brush aiming at the window, and then stop more tone.   The main is that after the end of the adjustment, it is necessary to follow the positioning Mark sign will be the brush frame reset.   (4) is changing a single brush when you must pay attention to its order, the status of wanton change will affect the general things of the brush, grim and even cause the brush to change the back of the deterioration. (5) Brush to replace the back of the war between the necessary to meet the outstanding (ensure that the brush of the war is not less than the actual war in the 80%, brush is in the grip of the activity), for this new brush should be grinding.   After grinding should be cured all brush powder and debris, and clean and dry vacuum cleaner suction.   (6) The electric motor with more brush adjustment should be operated 2-4h under the condition of sinking load, so that it can reach a better war.   (7) Each brush grip at the bottom of the profile of the interval to 3mm at the mercy of a good, if the back of the mill or turned, should be real-time brush grip, so that it is in an outstanding position. (8) Brush rod through the process of screw solid Day is firmly on the brush, brush the relative position of the middle, should be the harsh calibration; unless there is a change in the sky and so on, ordinary not to be removed, they should be seen as a group demolition.                                

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