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The Development Of Medical Device Industry In China.
- Feb 16, 2018 -

The medical device industry is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industry with high entry barriers. Medical institutions of the overall level of medical equipment at present in China is still very low, in grassroots medical institutions of the country's medical apparatus and instruments and devices, about 15% is the product before and after the 1970 s, 60% is the product until the mid - 1980 - s, they upgrade process is a process of demand release, will ensure that the next 10 years or even a longer period of time the rapid growth of the Chinese medical equipment market.

With the deepening of the reform and opening up, the strengthening of state support and the acceleration of the global integration process, China's medical device industry has been developing rapidly. In 2005, China became the world's third-largest medical device market after the United States and Japan. In 2006, the import and export of medical devices in China exceeded the $10 billion mark, and the total value of imports and exports totaled us $10.552 billion, up 17.57 percent from a year earlier, with a cumulative difference of us $31.9 billion. In 2007, the total import and export of medical devices in China totaled us $12.697 billion, an increase of 20.33 percent from the previous year and a trade surplus of us $41.33 billion.

At present, compared with developed countries, China's medical device industry has a gap, but the speed of development of medical devices in China has raised the world's attention. China's newest medical devices are also on the cutting edge of the international medical device industry. In the next few years, China will overtake Japan as the world's second-largest market for medical equipment. By 2010, the total output value of medical devices in China will reach 100 billion yuan, and the share of the world medical device market will be 5%. By 2050, this share will reach 25%.

With the rapid increase of domestic enterprise research and development strength, and the transfer from high-tech to affordable market concentration, the competitiveness of domestic products is gradually enhanced, provides a rare opportunity for domestic manufacturers to expand market. It is foreseeable that the future development space of Chinese medical device industry is very large.

In addition, under the background of world financial crisis has become increasingly serious, to counteract the negative impact of the international economic environment of our country in 2008 the state council executive meeting held on November 5, put forward the implement a proactive fiscal policy and a moderately easy monetary policy, introduced ten more forceful measures to expand domestic demand. On November 23, 2008, the ministry of health issued a notice to allocate 4.8 billion yuan to support the construction of rural health service system in the country's new 100 billion yuan central investment arrangement. "In 2008, 4.8 billion new investment was added," adding 1.5 billion new rural medical equipment, and the "2006 plan" increased the number of rural medical equipment by 6.771 billion, with an increase of 8.271 billion. The increase of 8271 million mainly focused on procurement of rural medical equipment, mainly from 2008 to 2010. Low-end medical devices will face huge demand and become the first industry to benefit.